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Iowa Chapter and the UNI Center for Real Estate Education

The Iowa Chapter of the Appraisal Institute and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Center for Real Estate Education (the Center) have mutually enjoyed a close relationship for many years. The interaction between them occurs on several levels.

The Iowa Chapter funds scholarships for students in the Real Estate program. The size of each scholarship has ranged from $500 to $1,000 per year and the students apply for scholarships every spring. Selections are made by the Scholarship Committee of the UNI Real Estate Advisory Council according to criteria established by the Iowa Chapter.

The Iowa Chapter has also supported the Center with direct financial assistance for many years. This support has been crucial for the ongoing success of the Center, especially in light of recent cutbacks in funding from the state. Recently, the Iowa Chapter has provided operational support of $4,000 per year. Also, individuals, firms, and the Iowa Chapter have sponsored activities and events such as the Fall Networking Picnic and the Spring Rho Epsilon Golf Outing.

Individually, several chapter Designated Members have assisted the Center by speaking to Rho Epsilon, the student real estate club, making presentations in real estate classes, and teaching entire semester long courses. Other chapter Designated Members have acted as mentors to students and graduates, and some individuals and families have funded scholarships for students.

The Iowa Chapter receives significant positive exposure from its various types of support and sponsorships. That exposure is especially beneficial with respect to the impression it makes on students. Students become more aware of the career opportunities as appraisers, which in turn facilitates the recruiting of the best and brightest students as interns and permanent employees by appraisal firms around the state.

Another level on which there is interaction between the Center and the Iowa Chapter is through the UNI Real Estate Advisory Council. The UNI Real Estate Advisory Council is composed of about 20 leading real estate professionals from Iowa and surrounding states. Its roles are to advocate for the Center, act as liaison between the Center and the industry, and to advise the Center, in particular with respect to curriculum issues. Several Designated Members of the Iowa Chapter have served on the UNI Real Estate Advisory Council.

Still another manner in which the Iowa Chapter assists the Center and students is by encouraging students to attend chapter seminars and meetings at no cost to the students. In addition, the director, Dr. Art Cox, is a regular participant at seminars as a way to stay up to date with current appraisal practices. He also has served on the Iowa Chapter Board of Directors.

Below is a link to obtain additional information regarding the UNI Center for Real Estate Education.

UNI Center for Real Estate Education - Program Information

Several leaders of the Iowa Chapter are shown here with students from the UNI Real Estate Program at a seminar in Cedar Rapids. The students of the program are invited to attend chapter seminars and meetings at no cost.

The Iowa Chapter provides financial support to the UNI Real Estate Program through scholarships, direct funding, and sponsorship of various activities including the annual golf outing. Robyn Marshall and Chris Jenkins, MAI are shown here with a student at the golf outing.