Appraisal Institute
Iowa Chapter
Shauna Gehring, SRA
Executive Director
Tel. / Cell (515) 419-6076
Welcome to the Iowa Chapter of the Appraisal Institute!

Welcome to the Iowa Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. The mission of the Iowa Chapter is to promote competency and professionalism in the appraisal industry, provide the best educational opportunities to our membership and others in related fields, mentor Candidates for Designation, build relationships among the membership through chapter and social functions, and establish channels of communication between those affiliated to share expertise and knowledge of appraisal issues and methodologies. We invite you to attend one of our chapter meetings, attend our seminars or courses, or contact one of our Designated Members for valuation services.

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Octoberfest/Annual Meeting
October 6, 2017
New Affiliates and Practicing Affiliates
Kendal Cosgrove
Tyler W. Gornick
Joel D. Hansen
Sydney Rhodes

New Candidates
Congratulations to the following new Candidates:
Austin Hayward
Rory Heims
Sarah Marie Loll
Kyle Randall Pedersen
Douglas Steinkamp

Newly Designated
Congratulations to the following members on their new designations:
Clinton C. Cota, SRA
Kyle P. Corcoran, MAI
Charles Gohr, MAI, AI-GRS
Adam Klassen, MAI
Lucas Wanninger, MAI
Robyn M. Marshall, MAI, AI-GRS
Board Meeting - 08/31/17
Chapter Meeting - 10/06/17
Board Meeting - 11/02/17